3 Stunning Screen Options For Your Next Event

When you’re planning for that next annual gala or corporate meeting, Bestek can offer some price conscious answers to the question, “how can I ‘jazz up’ this year’s event design?”

The traditional drape wall and projection screen which has become so predictable for corporate meetings with limited budgets can be upgraded using a couple of techniques. Bestek can provide you with a slick and refreshing new look for that all important projection screen at your meeting or gala. Here are a few examples:



Bestek’s large-scale screen surrounds take the standard video screen and make it into a featured décor element.  The pictured screen surround for a 12’ x 21’ screen can be covered in any color of fabric to match your décor themes.  This size screen would be suitable for center stage in many cases or for “wing” screens in larger venues.


Another large-scale screen surround is our “Picture Frame” finished in gilded gold.  With additional draping and lighting, which Bestek can provide, this surround can make a pronounced visual impact on your event. We can of course custom build a screen surround for you including branding and a tie in to the décor or theme you have chosen



Borderless screens are another easy way Bestek can add a little something extra to your event’s video presentation. As shown below, this screen stands off from the side wall and creates a clean modern look that allows the image to look like it’s floating in air. You’ll never want to see those black borders again!






Bestek can use pieces from our existing stock, refinish or recover them for your event and thereby create a “custom” looking set for a fraction of the cost of building from scratch.

The small corporate set shown here is a favorite of ours. It affords the ability to project directly onto the walls right & left of center rather than utilizing traditional screens at all. This is exciting because it breaks up the flat, traditional rectangular screen look in favor of a multi-dimensional set with gentle curves instead of harsh edges or corners.


When thinking about how to make your annual gala different from last year’s, or your corporate meeting more visually stunning and memorable, think about changing the traditional projection screen into an integral element of your stage. Contact Bestek with your ideas or let our staff designers offer you some exciting new looks.