4 Stunning Ways to Light Your Next Event


4 Stunning Ways to Light Your Next Event

Lighting, no matter how small, can change your whole event. It can transform a small space into something grand. It goes from setting the mood to creating something spectacular. Here are 4 great options to transform your next event by Bestek.


1. Up-lighting

A great way to set the mood and accent your event space is with up-lighting. It’s really one of the easiest ways to transform a venue, really open it up and make your event feel that much more special. Light colored walls and drapes work best. All the colors of the rainbow are available.


2. Pin-Spot Lighting

Whether you’re looking to light every table or highlight that one gorgeous focus of your event with pin-spot lighting you’ll be able to add elegance and illumination. A great way to show off your centerpieces or bring attention to that stunningly designed cake or fabulous décor.


3. Texture Lighting

For highlighting certain areas without going overboard or to add that one final touch to make the dance floor shine you really can’t go wrong with Texture Lighting. With Texture Lighting you can chose from hundreds of patterns which can be projected onto the dance floor or the tables. Add a little color to the patterns and you can set the mood and dramatically transform the space.


4. Gobo or Template Lighting

Feel like making it extra personal or highlighting what your event is all about? You can’t go wrong with Gobo lighting. Standard “off the shelf” or custom gobos (or templates) are available. Whether it’s your corporate logo or the bride’s name, take that extra step to set your event apart and make it memorable for all your guests.