Abott Finkel Appointed New CEO

Abott Finkel Appointed New CEO of Bestek Lighting & Staging




West Babylon, New York, January 2016 – Bestek Lighting and Staging has announced the appointment of Abott Finkel as their new CEO. He will assume responsibilities in January 2016 and will succeed Van Allen Rice, who has stepped down into retirement.


Abott has been part of the Bestek family for several years, beginning as a sound vendor under his company Abott Audio before merging with Bestek in 2015. Since that time, he has served as Executive Vice President of the company, while being responsible for projects at Weylin B. Seymour’s.


Abott is very excited to be taking the helm and steering the company forward. It is important to continue to grow as a team and deliver the best possible experience for our clients.


In addition to his duties as president and CEO, Abott can be found behind a sound board at events. He is looking forward to being hands on from working in the shop to being on site at events.


Bestek was founded in 1974 by Van Allen Rice and has continued to serve the NY event industry for over 40 years. The Company has been a trusted partner of Weylin B. Seymour’s and is a preferred vendor at several locations in New York, including Ellis Island, and Vanderbilt Hall.