Bestek at Industry Events

Earlier in the year we decided that a task that Bestek has in the next few years, is creating the best possible image of our 40+ years of experience and add new life. For us, we needed a way to create Brand Awareness, and attending industry events and spreading the Bestek name, and image around is as great a way to do that as any. With that task in mind, we attended several industry events in 2016, including Live Design International (LDI), InfoComm, The Event Planners Expo and BizBash Live NYC.


While we did not go into LDI, or InfoComm as exhibitors, we did have representatives at Both events. At LDI our President/CEO Abott Finkel, and our General Manager, Kevin O’Brien were in attendance. They got the great chance to see some new innovative technology in the industry. They were also able to connect with some of our vendors to find out what new products they are bring to the table in upcoming years. InfoComm presented the opportunity for Project Manager/VP of Sales Bill Magod to present a seminar called “ Wireless Microphones for live events made easy” and another titled “Audio 401: Limiters, EQs, and Multi-Zone PA Systems”.


The Event Planners Expo and BizBash both afforded Bestek to attend an industry event with the objective to connect to perspective Clients. Being on the exhibitor afforded us the opportunity to connect with the many people walking through the event looking for new vendors and partnerships. It allowed us to generate possible leads for upcoming events and allowed us to connect our Project Managers in attendance with those clients. While exhibiting at the events, we were also able to walk through the exhibit halls, and connect with venues and vendors. Being able to partake in both aspects of an event was essential in our ability to create buzz about our Brand.


Like any experience there was a lot learned. Not just about technology advancements in the industry, but also about what works for us as a company. Each industry event brought along different opportunities to connect with leaders in the Event Planning and Marketing industry. We look forward to being able to attend these various events again next year.