The Event

Experion Launch of Cheetah Mail email marketing solution

The Challenge

Take the client’s vision for the launch of the product and provide the full design and implementation of the event.

The Solution

Having worked with the CheetahMail folks the year before, Bestek had already earned the client confidence for a new challenge. Their inspiration for the new set design was to be “cables that connect people” for which we were given a simple sketch, or “napkin drawing”. Bestek designed and provided drawings for the new set, and they instantly loved it. The next challenge was the clients’ budget. They wanted the whole set to be a light box which would have been twice the money they had to spend. We designed the set to have a white reflective surface that we would bounce color changing LED light off and also be imbedded in the set so that no hardware was visible. These set pieces combined with a “floating” splash shaped light box with projection screen, and an intelligent moving light package, made for a lighting designers dream. Concept, to completion, this set perfectly defines the services that Bestek provides. From listening and understanding the clients’ vision, to designing, engineering and fabrication, Bestek created a unique and exciting event design.

Bestek Provided

  • 3D artist rendering
  • Set Design and Build
  • Lighting Design and Build
  • Project Management

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