We frequently work in tents and in other non-traditional venues which lack sufficient electrical power. In these circumstances we will provide a generator which is a piece of machinery that will produce electrical power. There are many sizes and types of generators available and not all are appropriate to our industry.

The generators we utilize all are similar in that they each have a conventional engine which produces the kinetic energy to turn (rotate) the internal parts of a generator which actually produces the electrical current. The more electrical power required, the larger (more powerful) the engine must be.  Generally speaking generators are powered by either diesel or gasoline engines and like any other engine they use up fuel while running. It is therefore imperative to schedule re-fueling if the engine is to be run long enough to drain the fuel tank.

The size of a generator can be thought of in either of two ways. The first is physical size. Some generators can be carried by hand; others must be mounted on flatbed trucks or trailers. The second determination of size relates to the amount of electrical power the machine is capable of producing. For most events the small portable generators do not provide enough power so the larger truck or trailer mounted machines are required. How large must the generator package be? That’s where we come in. There are calculations we make based on the total electrical load required to run the event. These not only include lighting but also electrical service for video and sound, stage power for band equipment, power for work lights and outlets in the catering and service areas, power for portable restrooms and enough reserve power for those last minute additions that pop up.

Most of the events we install require generators in the 200 to 600 amp range (amperage is a measurement of electrical current). These are trailer mounted generators which are the size of a good sized delivery van. The impact of such a machine at the job site now becomes apparent. We need sufficient space to maneuver and place the generator which will not damage the property, which allows for re-fueling and which will not adversely impact the aesthetic visual appeal of the venue.

There are many aspects to be considered when a generator is required. We are experts at specifying which machines are suitable and we always strive to work with the design team to minimize the impact on the event itself.



Trailer Mounted Generator


Small Portable type Generator