To pin spot…or not?

The decision to pin spot or not to pin spot table centerpieces may be a result of the physical conditions in the event venue more than a budgetary concern. This tried and true lighting effect can have a dramatic positive impact as guests enter a room if properly installed or it can be detrimental if used incorrectly.

The key to a good pin spot effect is sufficient ceiling height (no less than about 16 feet) and a place to mount the pin spot light fixture at a steep angle (focusing as straight down as possible) above the guests and the table centerpieces. We have been able to effectively pin spot centerpieces at an angle of 45 degrees, but it’s risky. A better angle would be 60 degrees or more. The reason a shallow angle is not acceptable is that there is a risk of shining the pin spot beam into a guest’s eyes, very annoying. If the event venue has lower than optimal ceilings and your client insists on pin spotting the best bet is to ask that the centerpieces be a low as possible so as to keep the light beam on the table surface. We strongly discourage the use of table mirrors as part of the centerpiece when doing any pin spotting.