Web Blog Graphics 101

Web graphics are the easiest way to make impressive and outstanding sets and scenic displays. Thanks to Bill Stump our Bestek Scenic Designer tells us how we’ve mastered the art of media graphic productions.

Intuit_display_2011Graphic elements have become a more common and easy way to create striking sets and scenic displays. Bestek has mastered the art of integrating all sorts of graphic media into our productions. Whether stretching 16’ high by 60’ wide fabric onto hard walls, or creating hard panel kiosks, we understand the process and execute it with stunning results. While the success of the finished job depends largely on the physical installation, the image creation is of equal importance.


Master_Card_wall_2011When preparing a file for printing, the higher the resolution, of course, the better. An image may look good when viewed on a computer monitor, or on an 8.5” x 11” proof, but the pixilation is much more evident when blown up to wall size. File transfer protocol, or FTP sites, make sharing large files possible. There are many file formats that are acceptable for use, including Adobe Illustrator, EPS, JPEG and even PDF. Starting with a high resolution image, and preserving as much of that quality while creating a file, will pay off in the end.